A Plastic Wrap Story

I’m writing a little story! Here is the first part of it:

My sir grabs my hand and leads me to the bedroom. He tells me to take off my clothes. I remove my t-shirt and PJ pants with a big grin on my face. I know what comes next! I turn as I hear him unravel the first few inches of plastic wrap. The sound makes me shiver with joy! I feel the plastic wrap tightly around my ankles and I close my eyes taking the experience in. As he wraps he starts to stand and presses against me. I can feel him hard against me and the wrap that is hugging my curves tightly. He gives my forehead a little kiss and whispers “suck in”. I do so as he wraps my stomach and right under my breasts. He caresses my breasts with his free hand as he wraps under and around them. Leaving my hard nipples exposed so he can play with them. The wrapping continues over my neck and face. Leaving a air hole around my mouth. I am tightly wrapped like someone’s lunch. I giggle at that thought. My sir grins and says “what”? I just shrug as much as I can before he turns me around.

 He hugs me tightly before pinching my nipples hard and pushing me onto the bed, Helplessly free falling with the kiss of a sting on my nipples. Im in heaven!

I’ll be selling the finished piece on my website, elm, youkandy, etc. Maybe even a video reading of it on manyvids and c4s.


Let me know what you think!!


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