Simplistic Convos

Ok so im a brat. I think we establish this here. When I have a odd or stupid convo with someone I think its fun to share =D Sooo here is my odd / stupid convo of the morning…


[03:31] Caspar Dash: Wow, what a phenomenal shape. *Smiles*
[03:31] Knotty Girl (sirsknottygirl): Thank you ;*
[03:32] Caspar Dash: Nice to see someone literate, too
[03:33] Knotty Girl (sirsknottygirl): I think most of the girls here are. Aside from a few typos. =D
[03:33] Caspar Dash: Sadly, unlike 99% of men on second life, I am no sort of Master. I find them very tedious. Yes, I’m sure yours isn’t. Etc. I am not condemning you. Just saying BDSM seems very simplistic to me.
[03:33] Knotty Girl (sirsknottygirl): Haha ok?
[03:34] Caspar Dash smiles
[03:34] Knotty Girl (sirsknottygirl): simplistic? hmm never heard that before
[03:34] Caspar Dash: It denies the complexity of humanity. Everyone needs to be in a neat little box
[03:34] Caspar Dash: as Jung Himself Noted: ‘Nobody is pure Introvert or pure Extrovert. Such people would be in lunatic asylums’
[03:35] Knotty Girl (sirsknottygirl): Id say its more complex than sticking your dick in a pussy. Its emotional and physical to the extreme even sometimes.
[03:35] Knotty Girl (sirsknottygirl): or asshole that is
[03:35] Caspar Dash: Yes, I know that’s what you people say. Believe me, there’s nothing you can tell me that I haven’t heard before. I just disagree.
[03:36] Knotty Girl (sirsknottygirl): Alright. We will agree to disagree. =)
[03:36] Caspar Dash smiles
[03:36] Caspar Dash: and on second life, it’s all misogynists trying to dignify their misogyny. It’s abhorrent
[03:36] Caspar Dash: Where are you from, may I ask?
[03:37] Knotty Girl (sirsknottygirl): Oh well any kind of “relationship” that is purely online is crap imo. I am a RL sub to my RL dom =)
[03:37] Knotty Girl (sirsknottygirl): Im in the US
[03:38] Caspar Dash: Well, like I say, what you call it is fine, but it has no objective meaning to anyone else.
[03:38] Caspar Dash: I am from England, but I live in Vietnam now
[03:39] Knotty Girl (sirsknottygirl): No one else should even be involved. Its not like we have sub and dom tattooed on our foreheads haha. We keep the kink at home and from the outside we just look like a loving couple.
[03:39] Caspar Dash: I have no idea. It has nothing to do with me. To me, couples are couples.
[03:40] Caspar Dash: I hate when they try to claim superiority
[03:40] Knotty Girl (sirsknottygirl): I did not think anyone was lol
[03:40] Caspar Dash: Sounds like it.
[03:40] Knotty Girl (sirsknottygirl): well other than the dynamic of the relationship being him in charge
[03:40] Caspar Dash: I find nothing more boring than endless talk about ‘BDSM’. We might as well talk about martians.
[03:45] Knotty Girl (sirsknottygirl): I just read your profile. Your hilarious! You have a stick up your butt and not in the fun way XD
[03:46] Caspar Dash: I certainly do not. You misread the tone. It’s lighthearted and sardonic.
[03:46] Caspar Dash: But you can think what you wish, of course.


Second Life – Pretty Mummy Set By realrestraint (Marine Kelley)

First of all yes I have been a bit obsessed with SL lately. No I am not there to “hook up” or whatever. I have made friends there and I would like to continue to make friends there =)

slsaran1So one of those friends (the awesome katie) sent me a link to the real restraints blog and was like you need to purchase this new item. I was iffy about it at first but it did look gorgeous. My man was sitting next to me and said ya thats awesome you need it haha. So I purchased it and nothing happened… It did not deliver right away =(

So I message the owner with the chat log and purchase info from my account page and she says “I hope im not making a mistake by sending this to you”… excuse me? Way to treat a customer.

Anyway so I have the item and have played with it a bit. It is awesome!! It looks so real. As slsaran2far as I know its really the only plastic wrap item in SL. I had been looking for one forever. The setting are in depth with several different textures (latex, plastic, hose, etc). I love the poses so far. Though not all of the poses we have done irl are there. Its not bad once you figure out how to use the item. You just click the top or bottom of it for the menus.

It is not without its flaws but that is to be expected. You have to find the right body type for it. The creators solution to make it fit is alpha layers that make specific body parts invisible which does not work at all if you make the wrap transparent. Though you could make something creepy / weird for Halloween with it -giggle-.


I hope you enjoyed the pics and my thoughts. =)

Creative Kink…

Hey guys!

So I have really gotten into making collars, cuffs, floggers, etc. So much so that I have made a new wordpress for it! Check it out here. Also check out my etsy store here.

Our Guidelines / Rules

We are a very relaxed couple and he hates micromanaging. But here are our guidelines / rules…


Always respect him and what he asks

Work on the bad attitude

Dont be afraid to speak up with questions or concerns

but do so respectfully


Communicate and always speak up when a limit is reached

He will respect you when you do

Our limits are as follows:

Her Limits: Humiliation, broken bones, Fire (soft limit. Will try with a experienced dom if aloud)

Mutual Limits: Urine, feces,

His: needles, blood


To self harm is to deface his property and that is unacceptable.

She will keep herself clean and presentable at all times

Exercise at least once a day


He will understand when she is not feeling well

Though this does not give her an excuse to be lazy

She will keep herself healthy and take care of any health concern that arises

You are not submissive because your personallity is too strong

I know what I want and i’m not afraid to let people know. I can also be a bit of a bitch to friends. This does not mean I am not submissive.  In my relationship I submit to my man and only my man. This also does not mean I am not submissive. I will not roll over for just any self proclamed dom. Like any relationship it has to be agreed upon after getting to know the person first. Having a strong personality and being a bitch to people would not make me a dom either. IMO being a bitch is a character flaw and is something that i’m working on. This mean all you assholes out there are not doms. I have tried being a top (top = dom in bedroom only. dom = dom in relationship and in the bedroom.). It did not work out well. It felt extremely awkward. While I love telling people what to do when they are not expecting it in a sexual or relationship situation it makes me uncomfortable. I suppose I occasionally like to be bossy just to make people mad and if they were expecting it I would not enjoy it. Again this is a character flaw that i’m working on. Most subs are strong independent women. Stop assuming we are doormats.

This is another point to bring up girls (because girls are usually the less cautious sex when it comes to relationships) stop letting guys walk all over you. Like I believe I have said before don’t rush into anything. Take your time and get to know people first. If you don’t they may think they can take advantage of you.

Now to clarify  a submissive is someone that is willing to trust her dom and cater to all of her dom’s needs. Not another doms needs but her dom’s needs. Every dom and sub is different. A sub can not be trained by one dom and be ready to serve any dom because everyone expects something different from their sub and the learning process is on going forever. A dom does not have to be the stereotypical dom that barks orders constantly. Some doms do not like to have to constant;y tell their sub what to do after a while and just expect them to know what to do (after discussing and agreeing on the subs duty’s of course). Some doms are not into micromanaging and constantly checking up on their sub. Some doms respect their subs opinions and like them to voice it for consideration. Don’t get so caught up in labels and the one true way to do things because its BS. Be who you are and enjoy your kinky relationship the way that you feel is right for you.

Now tell me im not submissive.