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Four Day Punishment?!

p20151218-044103-1I don’t think you can last days without sex or bondage. -My Sir

Ok bring it! Haha na it was more like NO SEX!? wahhh. It was very difficult. I have a really high sex drive. You would think that’s fun but its really not. Guys are cocky about sex but they can never keep up with my needs. And that’s fine because sex all the time is not realistic. I know that.

So what did you learn from this? -My sir    dragonropecollarbwad

Don’t beg for sex it does not help and is not attractive. Whining about anything is not attractive. I need more self control like my sir has.

Hopefully I will gain self control and stop being whiney about everything. Its not attractive to sir and I need to please him.


….Also happy new year guys!!! =)


Creative Kink…

Hey guys!

So I have really gotten into making collars, cuffs, floggers, etc. So much so that I have made a new wordpress for it! Check it out here. Also check out my etsy store here.