Our Love Story


We met like everyone meets these days… online. I had just gotten over my sleep with a ton of guys and just have fun after a serious break up phase and was seriously looking. He was adorable in his pics and I almost did not say hi because I thought he might not like me. We texted back and forth for a while. I was 100% honest with him about myself and all of my faults right away. It did not scare him off. He liked my honesty I think. Keeping with being honest kink came up. I really don’t remember how. We were still just texting when it came up. It was super lucky for us that we discovered that we were both kinky and that he had secretly wanted to have someone to tie up but never had the chance.

Sometime after that we met! He picked me up and opened the car door for me! This is the first time I had experienced this. It was different and I like it. We went bowling & he beat me haha. I was super shy and nervous the whole time but I did my best to actually talk and not just sit there lol. Now here is where I have to admit something a little embarrassing. I don’t drive. So after bowling he got me to practice in a parking lot with his car. Haha. He is still helping me with that fear.

Now here comes the really sappy part. I decide its a good idea to go to the beach (In November lol). It was cold! He just happened to have a blanket in his car (I’m pretty sure its still in there) and we laied in the sand looking up at the stars cuddling close because it was so cold. Then he leans over and kisses me. =D After that we decide to go back to his place.



The first time he saran wrapped me


No we did not have sex but he did end up wrapping me up (even my head). I don’t know why I let him haha. Really I should not have. We barely knew each other but it all worked out. I suppose I live life on the edge a bit.




Months into our relationship he asked me to move in with him! ❤ It was an exhausting move, a bit scary, and VERY exciting! We continue to explore our kinks and that spark is still there. Now we have been together for a year! ❤ Here’s to many more to come.


My First Electric Bondage Scene =)

Thanks to the huge sale at sub-shop.com my sir and I had the chance to finally try electric play. At first it felt very strong and I was not sure if I could handle a more powerful toy but then I got used to it. The pads in the vaginal area acted as a vibrator on the fast setting making me cum a couple times. The slow setting is more painful which is nice for a masochist like me. =) The wrap was nice and tight! I think we will be getting more of it. Though at one point it did fail to stick to itself and came apart during play. I think those metal clips that come with medical wrap would be good to reinforce it. Thank you Autumn for the low prices and awesome shop!

Four Day Punishment?!

p20151218-044103-1I don’t think you can last days without sex or bondage. -My Sir

Ok bring it! Haha na it was more like NO SEX!? wahhh. It was very difficult. I have a really high sex drive. You would think that’s fun but its really not. Guys are cocky about sex but they can never keep up with my needs. And that’s fine because sex all the time is not realistic. I know that.

So what did you learn from this? -My sir    dragonropecollarbwad

Don’t beg for sex it does not help and is not attractive. Whining about anything is not attractive. I need more self control like my sir has.

Hopefully I will gain self control and stop being whiney about everything. Its not attractive to sir and I need to please him.


….Also happy new year guys!!! =)



Jealousy has no place in my relationship. Here is why:

I feel that jealousy is a weak trait especially for a dom. My man needs to have confidence and trust in me.

Jealousy is an emotion, and the word typically refers to the thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, concern and anxiety over an anticipated loss or status of something of great personal value, particularly in reference to a human connection.

I can not submit to a man that is insecure and feels that I would not be loyal to him. My man knows I will be loyal to him. As he should. A good dom needs that confidence in himself (herself) and the relationship. A dom should be a subs rock. Someone that the sub can count on. If the dom will break down and freak out over a small thing like the sub simply talking to someone else then that is not acceptable. Unless the dom has stated previously that the sub can not talk to anyone else (in which case I as the sub would re think a relationship with that person).

On the other hand if the subs behavior is genuinely bad and the sub is cheating then that is different. Then you should only feel anger and terminate the relationship right away. Discuss and outline what is and is not acceptable behavior for your sub. This really brings the discussion back to communication which is necessary in any relationship.

Feel free to disagree and discuss below…


Hey guys 😉

Im bored so… Ask me ANYTHING….


openhubby: Has your sir ever made you do anything you truly didn’t want to?

A: There are days that I don’t feel like cleaning the bathroom or making the bed but I try my best to do it anyway. Exceptions are days when I’m sick. He understands if I need to take a break from those things during times like that. Though he is not super demanding and we do not have a punishment dynamic (as of August 2015 we now do). We discuss new kinks before we try them and I voice any concern about it during that time. If I truly don’t want to do something during a play session he understands and its added to my hard limits.

openhubby: Has he ever convinced you to do something you originally thought was beyond your limits?

Yes! I think if you are not 100% sure about something take baby steps. I was sure being vacuum packed freaked me out too much but we took small steps into it. Read more about that here.

A22man: What is your favorite form of punishment?

Punishment is never supposed to be fun. Punishment would mean I screwed up. A punishment for me would be him ignoring me or worse him tying me up and teasing me but not  doing anything =(

Now what I think you meant was play. Probably specifically impact play. I do enjoy impact play. My favorite would be caning but we also have a flogger, belt, and paddle. Im a bit of a masochist =)