All work & no play…


Work has been keeping me busy so I have not really been able to update this. We have sort of gotten our play room together and re purposed some exercise equipment. Yesterday we decided that we may try to make our own vacp20150817-183927-1bed! That will be a fun project =)

I will post photos here and a step by step of how we make the vacbed when we do =)

I have also made my own spreader bar. Photo —>.



Hey guys 😉

Im bored so… Ask me ANYTHING….


openhubby: Has your sir ever made you do anything you truly didn’t want to?

A: There are days that I don’t feel like cleaning the bathroom or making the bed but I try my best to do it anyway. Exceptions are days when I’m sick. He understands if I need to take a break from those things during times like that. Though he is not super demanding and we do not have a punishment dynamic (as of August 2015 we now do). We discuss new kinks before we try them and I voice any concern about it during that time. If I truly don’t want to do something during a play session he understands and its added to my hard limits.

openhubby: Has he ever convinced you to do something you originally thought was beyond your limits?

Yes! I think if you are not 100% sure about something take baby steps. I was sure being vacuum packed freaked me out too much but we took small steps into it. Read more about that here.

A22man: What is your favorite form of punishment?

Punishment is never supposed to be fun. Punishment would mean I screwed up. A punishment for me would be him ignoring me or worse him tying me up and teasing me but not  doing anything =(

Now what I think you meant was play. Probably specifically impact play. I do enjoy impact play. My favorite would be caning but we also have a flogger, belt, and paddle. Im a bit of a masochist =)

Brain Melt


My brain melted last night. Lol Not literately. I imagine its like those drugs people talk about. It happened even before we got to the bedroom. I love that feeling. Nothing matters. Your brain just shuts off and only focuses on the feeling.

Tie Me Down


I cant wait to get this bed put back up! Hopefully we are doing that tomorrow!

Love to make up my own ties



Now if I could remember exactly how I did this… =P

Thoughts on 50 Shades of Grey

Hmmm I don’t even know where to begin with this. I guess I’ll start with the title. It should have been renamed 50 Shades of Shit.

First of all they did not respect each others limits. Trust & respect is very important in BDSM and they had neither. Anastasia did not respect Christians no touching limit and christian did not trust her (since he showed up all angry when she was visiting her mom).

The end is what upsets me most. Here at the end (of the first book/movie) she asks him to hit her as hard as possible. She consents to the pushing of her limits and yet when he does she runs crying and acts like a battered women.

This is where she ADMITS to NOT wanting a D/S relationship. She asks him to change what hes into or she will leave. That’s not fair to him and his needs at all. She went into it knowing he was a dom and she agreed to try it out because of her immature school girl crush on him. That is not a good basis for a relationship.

Its unfortunate that they did not have the same kinks and in the real world they would admit that, act like adults, and part ways. But I hear that in the other books she successfully changes him. Because kink is bad and all and only practiced by people with mental issues haha. That’s bullshit. The media usually portrays it this way. Though if they admitted it was more real and sane than that I suppose that would make for a less interesting plot?

This whole thing boils down to a very unstable and toxic relationship story that really has little to do with BDSM. Its a shame that people think that is how we do things.