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Hey guys 😉

Im bored so… Ask me ANYTHING….


openhubby: Has your sir ever made you do anything you truly didn’t want to?

A: There are days that I don’t feel like cleaning the bathroom or making the bed but I try my best to do it anyway. Exceptions are days when I’m sick. He understands if I need to take a break from those things during times like that. Though he is not super demanding and we do not have a punishment dynamic (as of August 2015 we now do). We discuss new kinks before we try them and I voice any concern about it during that time. If I truly don’t want to do something during a play session he understands and its added to my hard limits.

openhubby: Has he ever convinced you to do something you originally thought was beyond your limits?

Yes! I think if you are not 100% sure about something take baby steps. I was sure being vacuum packed freaked me out too much but we took small steps into it. Read more about that here.

A22man: What is your favorite form of punishment?

Punishment is never supposed to be fun. Punishment would mean I screwed up. A punishment for me would be him ignoring me or worse him tying me up and teasing me but not  doing anything =(

Now what I think you meant was play. Probably specifically impact play. I do enjoy impact play. My favorite would be caning but we also have a flogger, belt, and paddle. Im a bit of a masochist =)

Love to make up my own ties



Now if I could remember exactly how I did this… =P

All moved in!!


Our play stuff is organized (well most of it). Now to tackle the rest of the house. =(

Sir saw this blog the other day for the first time. He says my writings were good =) I will continue to try to write more good things here for him. ❤


This is a photo of the first time he wrapped me up. Now we are living together! Things have happened quickly but it is so right. I know he will love me and look after me for a long time. He has opened me up to new kinks and I have shown him some new things as well. Mainly with food. I have refined his pallet haha. I look forward to many more big steps in our relationship and all of the awesome little ones as well. =)

Heres to the start of our amazing life together ❤



I’m moving in with my sir!! Its a little scary but mostly exciting. =) Packing sucks though. I hate moving. I have moved sooo much in my lifetime. Anyways. I just took this pic using our home made bed restraint system that I may talk about in a future post =) Just wanted to share. Stay kinky!