Sex Toy Review! | Lovense Lush


Since I started camming this little toy immediately caught my attention. Now the little pink thing dangling there like a tampon string is a little odd haha. But it is a decent toy WHEN IT WORKS. This is one of the downsides: It disconnects. Sometimes it will constantly disconnect and sometimes only a couple times. So when your trying to use it with a partner it can be very annoying. We have yet to take it out in public so I can not comment on that quite yet. Is it worth $120? Idk I would not have purchased it if it were my own money but I had the help of some viewers with getting it.


My First Electric Bondage Scene =)

Thanks to the huge sale at my sir and I had the chance to finally try electric play. At first it felt very strong and I was not sure if I could handle a more powerful toy but then I got used to it. The pads in the vaginal area acted as a vibrator on the fast setting making me cum a couple times. The slow setting is more painful which is nice for a masochist like me. =) The wrap was nice and tight! I think we will be getting more of it. Though at one point it did fail to stick to itself and came apart during play. I think those metal clips that come with medical wrap would be good to reinforce it. Thank you Autumn for the low prices and awesome shop!